Daily Payment and Budget Services
Perform payment, filing and organizational support.
  • Make sure your bills are paid on time.
  • Prepare important documents and make sure they are filed on time.
  • Help with banking, accounting and legal paperwork.
  • Assist in the resolution of problems with vendors, banks and others.
Create budget, reports and monitoring.
  • Monthly reporting of income and expenses.
  • Review of expenses to minimize waste and unnecessary spending.
  • Cost-saving advice.
  • Professional reconciliation of accounts to minimize risk.
  • Monitor accounts and policies with financial institutions.
Organize important papers and information
  • Make sure that files and important paperwork are properly stored and easily accessible.
  • Review policies and accounts for potential issues or problems.
  • Prepare reporting for taxes.
  • Monitor investment performance and help with any related legal paperwork.
  • Handle staff payroll.

Elder Services
Maintain client independence and offer security for family members
  • Perform bill payment and support services for managing daily paperwork.
  • Create monthly budgets to monitor finances.
  • Audit and monitor spending and financial activity to ensure accuracy and minimize loss.
  • Monitor spending of support staff, service providers and caregivers to prevent unauthorized transactions.
Offer support in handling medical claims and related filings.
  • Assist in clarifying insurance papers, rules and regulations.
  • Verify processes to ensure proper handling of claims.
  • Complete medical forms and claim forms, including Long Term Care filings, to ensure accuracy and timely submission.
  • Monitor reimbursements.
  • Work as intermediary with insurance companies.
  • Maintain records and ensure necessary tasks are performed on time.

Internal Control/Risk Management
Review Personal Client Accounts and Personal Processes
  • Protect assets.
  • Monitor and review invoices for accuracy.
  • Avoid late fees.
  • Maintain credit standing.
Analysis of Small Business Processes and Function
  • Review invoices for accuracy and potential misuse of funds or embezzlement.
  • Verify submitted invoices.
  • Strengthen internal control processes.

Medical and Insurance Support
Assist in the completion and filing of important paperwork and claims.
  • Ensure accuracy and timely submission of claims, support documentation and necessary paperwork.
  • Provide assistance in working with health care and insurance industry professionals to minimize delays and resolve outstanding issues.
Help With Record Keeping
  • Maintain records of important paperwork.
  • Assist with obtaining necessary information for claims.
  • Keep track of reimbursements.

General Professional and Organizational Services
Organizational Services for Important Records
  • Make sure that records are organized, maintained and easily accessible.
  • One-on-one support to deal with paperwork overload.
Support in dealing with other professionals
  • Work with Accountants, Financial Advisors and Legal Counsel as necessary.
  • Make sure that necessary paperwork is available and organized when needed.
Error and problem resolution
  • Act as intermediary to help resolve financial errors and other problems in a professional manner.
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